Why the long term future for stocks is (almost) always a bright one

TLDR/Summary Cynicism, perpetuated by the financial media, has unfortunately become a somewhat fashionable worldview. When objectively analyzed, however, cynicism not only robs you of what is arguably an indispensable ingredient for happiness in life – hope for the future – but also of wealth. By understanding the wealth-creating mechanics of Continue Reading

What is direct indexing?

Summary/TLDR Direct indexing is a strategy of index investing that is more customizable and, if utilized by investors with certain characteristics, more tax-efficient than index investing through an index fund. The higher costs and account minimums associated with direct indexing, however, only make them a good fit for certain investors: Continue Reading

How Can I Contribute to a Roth IRA If I’m Above the Income Limit?

Summary/TLDR In recent years, there have been four trends driving more financial professionals to advise that their clients save into a Roth IRA as opposed to a pre-tax account. If you fall above a certain income threshold, however, you are not allowed to contribute to a Roth IRA. Luckily, there Continue Reading

Financial Planning in a Financial Crisis

Summary/TLDR The United States is arguably in the midst of yet another financial crisis, which have occurred with startling regularity throughout all of history. We should not expect the present or the future to be any exception to this pattern of progress followed by disaster. And it is for this Continue Reading